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Cloud 9 Services, LLC is an efficient, reliable, and accessible sewer and drain cleaning repair company servicing all of Florida!


Cloud 9 Services LLC services all of Florida, we strive to give our customers what they want when it comes to underground plumbing, sewer line repair & cleaning, drain cleaning, Jet-Vac inspections, lift station maintenance & repair, video pipe inspections, cipp pipe repair, and more. We have offices located in Orlando, Plant City and Tampa allowing us to be able serve the entirety of the Florida area quickly and effectively.

One reason why we are a leading utility and excavation contractor is because we are licensed and certified. Not only does this add credibility to our services, but it also gives our clients peace of mind when they work with us. Working with an unlicensed contractor of any type can be risky; therefore, we make sure our clients know that since we are licensed and fully qualified, they will be pleased with the service they receive from us.

Another reason why commercial, industrial, and municipal HOAs and property managers throughout Florida love us at Cloud 9 Services LLC is due to the fact that we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Basically, we never close! You never know when an underground piping or sewer issue will occur, and that’s why we stay open all the time—so business owners and property managers can receive the care they need at any time. If left unresolved, these issues can turn disastrous and expensive quickly if they are not taken care of right away. If you have been looking for a sewer and drain cleaning repair company that is efficient, reliable, and accessible, you can’t go wrong by working with us at Cloud 9 Services LLC!

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