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Manuel Rivera  

    From Cloud 9 Services

Manuel Rivera
Manuel Rivera

Manuel Rivera

Cloud 9 Services, LLC

Senior Estimator

1201 W Jackson Street

Orlando, Florida 32805

P : (407)307-9336 / Office : (407)481-2750


Mr. Rivera has more than 8 years of Plumbing and Underground Utilities experience. He has worked in many areas during his time; working his way from his starting position as a laborer, to getting his PACP Certification to become a camera operator, all the way to his current position as Operations Manager. Mr. Rivera has been involved in all aspects of the company inside the office and outside in the field. He has been involved with a wide range of projects including, video inspections, confine space, pipe cleaning, repair, and plugging, manholes, hydro excavation, and grouting, and cured in place pipe lining. 

Mr. Rivera has the ability to hire, train, and manage a wide range of employees, and that's what makes him great at overseeing the Sales Department and making sure everything runs smoothly. He holds the respect from all his employees, and they look to him for advice and guidance. Mr. Rivera currently holds a confined space entry certification, PACP Certification, Pipe Lining Certification, and Pipe Grouting Certification. He has a detailed understanding of what it takes to make sure the jobs his team are at go as smoothly as possible. He also remains poised and controlled during stressful times, that's what makes him a good leader for his team.

Project and Work Experience

  • AllState Paving : Pipe cleaning, pipe plugging, video inspection, and pipe repairs.

  • Sema Construction, Inc., Turnpike SR-417 and SR-408 Projects : Sewer and storm structure grouting, lining, cleaning, and video inspection. 

  • Wharton Smith : Pipe plugging, video inspection, pipe cleaning, and pipe repairs.

  • Hubbard Construction : Sewer and storm structure grouting, lining, cleaning, and video inspection.

  • Brassfield and Gorrie Construction Engineering, Florida Hospital Project : Sewer and storm structure grouting, lining, cleaning, and video inspection.

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