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A Parking Lot Flood Can Be Caused By Clogged Storm Drain!

Inadequate maintenance of a storm drain is the main reason behind parking lot floods. To make sure the storm drainage system is functioning properly it should be cleaned on a regular schedule. Preventive storm drain and catch basin cleaning done by the professionals at Cloud 9 Services, LLC is the key to minimize property damage. When a drain cleaning maintenance is scheduled, the amount of time to dispose of the material buildup is greatly reduced. This results in a simpler, lower cost, and stress free experience.

The drain in your parking lot is referred to as a catch basin or a storm drain. The catch basin’s purpose is to drain excess water from the parking lot or street to the sewer pipes. When debris enter the grate the catch basin traps them preventing foreign objects from entering the system. A catch basin helps protect the environment by keeping debris and pollutants out of the sewer system.

Once sand, pine needles, and debris enter the system a jetting of the lines will be called for. Another rule of thumb is once the catch basin is over half full it should be cleaned. Once the debris reach over halfway full the material will begin to flow into the sewer. This will cause the debris to end up in streams and detention basins polluting the water system.

It is vital to maintain the overall condition of the storm drain with a cleaning. Once neglected after a heavy rain the parking lot will become flooded; thus causing a hazardous condition for nearby pedestrians and motorist. The storm drain cleaning will take longer, and the damaged pipe line may have to be replaced. If you are in the Orlando area and are experiencing a flooded street cause by a clogged storm drain; act now and call Cloud 9 Services, LLC.

We are available 24 hours a day, and are Florida state certified, licensed, and insured! Call us today, 407-481-2750, and make sure to ask about our storm drain cleaning services.

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