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How to Avoid Damaging Utility Lines When You're Digging

dangers of digging

At times, people dig without thinking of possible consequences. Digging is a complex and potentially dangerous process. Without prior knowledge or experience, they could hit a utility line in the ground. There are certain things to keep in mind in order to avoid damaging utility lines when digging.

Risks to underground utilities

Digging without knowing the location of underground utilities can result in serious injuries, service disruptions, and costly repairs when gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines are damaged. Many people assume utility lines are buried too deep for them to damage or disturb them. However, they can sometimes be just a few inches below the surface.

Damaging underground utilities can be extremely costly. Problems that you can encounter include but are not limited to: potential fines or fees from contractors as well as downtime. All of this can be avoided if you take the right steps to get the work done.

How can damage be avoided?

Our contractors use hydro and air pressure treatments to avoid any damage to existing utility lines like heavy machinery could. In fact, a hydro excavator allows us to maneuver around subsurface utilities and give us a clear view and depiction of what is here.

By working with a professional, you are guaranteed a safe excavation. Our professional excavators are trained to understand the hazards that are potentially out there and will take the necessary precautions. If you want more information about this or to schedule this service, contact the professionals at Cloud 9 Services, LLC, 407-481-2750, today!

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