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Cross boring isn't something a property owner usually worries about but something that is very common like a blocked sewer line can actually be a sign of a greater problem. A problem that can  potentially be dangerous to your home or property.


The clogged sewer can be caused by root invasion or the pipe may be crushed. Yet in some cases the blockage could be a natural gas line that is intersecting the sewer pipe- a potentially risky and dangerous situation.

Problem is, if you attempt to clear this blockage, it can result in a serious accident like a cross bore explosion also known as a gas pipe explosion. 

A cross bore can go undetected for years.


We always recommend contacting a licensed contractor to check the cause of a clogged sewer.

If caution is not taken and the gas line is damaged in the process of inspection, gas can enter the home through the sewer line and this could result in a major accident that may involve injuries, significant damage and even deaths.

Cross Bore Inspection Tips

If you suspect a blockage is caused by a cross bore, do not attempt to clear the blockage yourself. We can’t emphasize the importance of cross bore safety enough!


We recommend that you contact a licensed contractor who can inspect do a proper cross bore inspection. The safest way is through video pipe inspection. This will avoid a cross bore explosion or gas pipe explosion


If you suspect that a gas leak already started please take these steps:


- Evacuate the area immediately

- Call 911

- Contact gas utility company

- Do not operate any power equipment

- Do not use potential ignition sources

- Do not tamper with gas lines, meters or valves.

Cross Bore Inspection Experts

We at Cloud 9 Services believe it is vital to follow preventative measures to avoid cross bore explosions or gas pipe explosions. If you want to learn more give us a call at (407) 491-2750.

Our team of experts is here to help and answer any questions you have. 


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