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Strange Sounds Coming from the Toilet? It May Be Time for Sewer Repair

While those large trees in front of your office building might look beautiful, they can also cause problems with the underground sewer line. Roots naturally search for moisture and warmth – two common characteristics in sewer lines. Consequently, tree roots start invading the line and, over time, prevent the system from working. When this happens, you need to call a contractor who specializes in sewer repair.

It’s essential that building owners know the signs of root invasion, so they can take early steps to prevent them from entering the sewer line and causing blockages in the system. If there are strange noises coming from a toilet, or the sewer system is gradually slowing down, these are two common symptoms of root invasion. It may be time for sewer repair.

Even if the roots haven’t completely infiltrated the sewer line, they can make small inroads in the lateral pipe, resulting in a backup. If a backup occurs, there’s a big risk of wastewater entering the building and potentially overflowing the drain pipes.

Although root invasion is the main reason for sewer repair, there are other ways that systems fail to function properly and become blocked. Over time, flushing objects into the system will cause blockages, rendering it unable to work. General age and deterioration can also cause the pipes to break, resulting in the need to call a contractor who specializes in sewer repair.

TIP: Choose your trees wisely. Slow-growing, small trees are more suitable for planting near sewer lines because their roots are less likely to penetrate.

For sewer repair in Orlando FL, contact us at Cloud 9 Services Inc. We are fully licensed and Florida State certified and focused on delivering top-notch services to all our customers. Call us today, 407-481-2750, to schedule this service.

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