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How does video inspection work? When should you get one?

Underground pipes are often forgotten about because they are not visible in our daily activities. However, pipes are actually quite vulnerable to forces that may damage them. If left unattended, underground pipes may leak or burst out, causing problems for everyone. This is especially dangerous with sewage pipes, due to the toxic nature of the waste that flows through them. A clogged or broken sewage pipe may lead to flooding, exposure, and contamination. Luckily, through a method know as video pipe inspection problems can be caught early on.

What is a video inspection?

When a client approaches us with suspected pipe damage, an obstructed area that can't be located, or their drains are experiencing backup, that's when we get to work locating the problem area. The professionals at Cloud 9 Services, Inc. are able to insert a video pipe inspection camera into a pipe, even ones with the smallest diameter, that are accessed from a drain, inlet, or vault.

Video pipe inspection is performed using a high-resolution video camera connected to a flexible fiber optic scope. The camera is durable and waterproof so it can be used for even the toughest jobs. The camera is also extremely flexible and allows for precise maneuverability throughout the pipe system.

At the same time above ground, our technicians are receiving the video feed live as the camera travels through the length of the pipe. The technician is able to see many things during this inspection such as the condition of the pipes and conduits, seeing exactly what the problem is or even locating future problems. The footage is collected and stored on a USB drive that can be presented as record for the client.

Once the problem has been determined our technicians will advise the client on what needs fixing and be able to recommend further services the client requires to fix the problem.

Pipe problems that video pipe inspection can identify :

A video inspection is a highly useful diagnostic tool for underground services. In addition to being utilized to find holes, leaks, and obstructions, a video pipe inspection could effectively identify :

  • Tree roots that have worked their way into joints in the piping. These can cause leaking as the roots continue to grow into the pipes.

  • Crushed or cracked areas of piping that signal future problems and possible current leaks.

  • Errors in engineering or installation. Misalignment of jointing pipes, defects in the materials, or other flaws may be causing the issues in the pipes.

  • A build-up of debris or materials that should not have entered the system can cause clogs or blockages and prevent movement of the waste.

  • Detect potential weak points or future problems.

Video pipe inspections can also be used following cleaning or repair services to ensure that work was executed properly.

When should you get a video inspection done?

You should get your pipes inspected at least twice a year for maintenance purposes, however problems can arise at any time for a variety of reasons. It's especially important for you to get your pipes inspected if one of the following issues becomes apparent on your commercial property.

Hard to find leaks or blockages :

When traditional utility locating and vacuum excavation methods won't be able to reach the problem area. Video pipe inspection is the best solution. For example, if the blockages or leaks may be located under a foundation or inside a concrete structure, video pipe inspection is a great way to locate it so you don't have to deal with pricey excavation and landscaping costs.

The technology eliminates the guesswork and the need to dig blindly, so it's a preferred tool for finding unknown problems or undetectable lines. It is also a great way to find penetrating tree roots which are causing damage o the sewer and drainage lines.

Repeat draining problems or backups :

Our technicians recommend video inspection for commercial property owners who have dealt with repeated clogs and backups. When sinks, drains, and bathroom appliances frequently drain slowly or get backed up, the issue probably lies beyond your indoor plumbing. Rather than continuing to waste money and time having the drain snaked to eliminate the temporary obstruction, just for it to come back later. It's best to locate the blockage and fix the problem entirely.

What are the benefits of video inspection?

If you aren't yet convinced that video pipe inspection is the best course of action for locating underground pipe problems, here is a simple breakdown of the advantages :

  • It's less expensive than exploratory excavating.

  • Reduced labor and time are needed to repair the conduit.

  • Repair interventions are cheaper and less intrusive.

  • Emergency situations can be resolved quicker.

  • Some problems can be prevented entirely.

  • The need for maintenance or cleaning can be verified in advance.

  • Leakage can be detected before it becomes hazardous or difficult to fix.

The Cloud 9 Services, Inc. Promise :

When you hire us for your video pipe inspection services, you can depend on us. We have :

  • Full Florida licensure and certification as plumbing contractors.

  • Excellent equipment with the latest video pipe inspection technology.

  • Experience with piping installation and cleaning; our expert opinion is always available to you for a suggested course of action for whatever issue you are dealing with.

  • Interpretation of video inspection footage for accurate diagnosis.

  • Serviced a variety of industries including municipalities, commercial properties, and business complexes.

Pipe Maintenance Plans :

At Cloud 9 Services, Inc. we can also offer to sign you up for a regular maintenance plan for your commercial property. This way you can prevent damages and the need for costly repairs, as well as rest assured you will have a maintenance plan tailored to your business needs and operating hours. Routine maintenance inspections provide a checkup and an update on the current condition of your pipes. Our technicians will be able to report their findings to you and keep you informed on any parts that may need to be replaced in the future. Pipe cleanings keep your pipes clear and flowing smoothly, as well as reduce the risk of flooding. Pipe inspections are an important part of maintaining any sewer system and should not be overlooked.

At Cloud 9 Services, Inc. we are here for all your video pipe inspection needs. If you are in need of a video inspection service please contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our video pipe inspection technicians will be happy to assist you.

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