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Drain Cleaning

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Why choose CLOUD 9 SERVICES?

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Commercial, Industrial, & Municipal Drain Cleaning Services – When it comes to underground drain cleaning, experience is what matters most. At Cloud 9 Services LLC in Florida, we have the knowledge and skills our customers need and look for in a licensed contractor. When we do drain cleaning for our customers, we do everything in our power to make the digging underneath the ground as minimal as possible, limiting the amount of disruption the project has on your daily life and the condition of your property.

In order to keep costs down for our customers, we identify the root of the problem within your drains via video pipe inspection before we do anything else. This saves you time and money when you are paying for drain cleaning. Our plumbers know exactly how to fix a drain problem so we don’t have to tear up your pipes and force you to purchase new ones.  The process that we use to clean underground drains is limited in evasiveness and destruction to your overall underground piping system.

At Cloud 9 Services LLC, we are the leading company that specializes in underground drain cleaning in Florida because of our advanced techniques and dedication to our customers! We are the Florida drain cleaning experts.

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Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Storm drains are strategically placed around roads, properties and parking lots. Keeping them clean will help control storm water from flooding the streets.

Catch Basin Cleaning

A catch basin system can usually be found close the the curb on the street. There main goal is to keep pollutants like trash and other debris out. Allowing just the water to flow through.

Parking Lot Drain Cleaning Services

Keeping up with parking lot drain cleaning is vital to a tidy, functional parking lot. Problems with litter can be unsightly and cause catch basins to clog.

10 Things to Know About Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm drain systems are designed to move excess rain and ground water from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and walking paths. Storm water drainage systems need to be cleaned regularly.  While cleaning is necessary for all storm drain systems, there are limitations.

Drain Cleaning Services for Clogged Drains

If you are a property manager or business owner in the Florida area, make sure you set up a regular schedule with us at Cloud 9 Services LLC for commercial drain cleaning.  Regular drain cleanings should be a part of your routine building maintenance.

Outdoor Drainage Areas

An area that needs to be regularly cleaned is your outside drains, such as those in your parking lot.  Fluids, leaves, and other debris can be washed into parking lot drains and continue accumulating and may cause a clog.  Routine drain cleanings can clear out any rubble that may be building up and keep your drains in top performance to reduce the possibilities of flooding and property damage.


Emergency Commercial Drain Cleanings

Whether you are dealing with the effects of severe weather, an accident, or some other emergency situation, we realize you will want it taken care of immediately.  It is important to keep your building clear of flooding to reduce the possibility of water damage.  In the case of your outside drains, you will want to keep your parking lot clear to prevent dangers to drivers.  If you are managing a municipality, you may be required to quickly clear the roads to allow emergency vehicles to get to where they are needed.  Whatever your emergency situation, we are available to provide assistance.  We can clean the drains quickly and efficiently for you.  Feel secure in knowing that you will be able to get in touch with us any time of day, any day of the week.


High-Quality Service and Commercial Drain Cleaning Equipment

When you hire our team at Cloud 9 Services LLC for your commercial drain cleaning needs, you can expect highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians who will quickly complete the drain cleaning process.  We are fully licensed and certified by the state of Florida and are especially experienced in commercial properties.  Our company is committed to being honest, dependable, and providing quality service to all of our customers.  We use state-of-the-art equipment that will identify problem areas quickly and clean your drains thoroughly.

Cloud 9 Services LLC is proud to offer the best in commercial drain cleaning services.  We have excellent references from satisfied customers and we are dedicated to providing superior service throughout all of Florida.  Call us today for a quote, 407-481-2750, and see why we are the clear choice for all underground utility work, including commercial drain cleaning.

Hire a Professional Commercial Drain Cleaning Company Today!


At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are equipped to handle all your commercial drain cleaning needs. 

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends


Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

How Do You Keep a Storm Drain From Clogging?

Maintaining a storm drain is important to the overall drainage system that helps the water flow.  It is common for commercial drains to get clogged with leaves, grass, mulch, trash and other debris. Having a clog in your draining system can turn out to be not only costly but also disturbing to the property or household.


However, thankfully there are some precautions you can take in order to avoid drain clogging.


  • Proper cleanup of your outdoor area and disposal of debris.

  • Do not sweep leaves or debris into the ditches.

  • After a storm, maintain the area clear away any excess debris that has accumulated. 

  • Have a professional make sure no debris is building up inside of the system

Why Is My Storm Drain Backing Up?

Unexpected clogs in your storm drain can cause a backup in the draining system.


In turn, your home or property can quickly get flooded. When you experience a flood, the damage expenses can quickly rise and even lead to mold.


There is no definite answer to what the cause of a clog can be however, there are a few possible underlying issues. 

  • Tree root intrusion - Tree roots can be damaging to your system. They can grow into the pipes and cause blockages.

  • Broken or collapsed Sewer Lines - There is a strong chance your backup may be caused by a broken sewer line. 


The best and most secure way to accurately see what is the cause of your backup is to have one of our expert technicians inspect the area. Our team will  give you the best action plan to fix the sewer line. 

clogged storm drain
clogged storm drain

Commercial Drain Cleaning for Sewer Lines

Commercial sewer drain clogs and blockages are most commonly cause from dirt, debris, and mineral deposits. In restaurants and food processing facilities, grease and other organic matter will build up in the pipes and drain lines very easily. If you notice an uncommon slow on tour property, there may be a sewer line clog. 

Here are some of the things to look out for :

  • Raw sewage backing up

  • Water around the drain in the basement

  • Recurring clogs or multiple clogged drains

  • Sewer odors

  • Slow drains

  • Backed up water when using the toilet or sink

commercial drain cleaning for sewer lines

There can be many things causing a sewer line to clog. It is always best to have a professional inspect the system to determine the main cause.

How often should sewer lines be cleaned for commercial properties?

For commercial property owners, sewer line cleaning upkeep can often fall into peripheral vision. It is not something the average person thinks about every day, and it can be easy to neglect simply out of a lack of urgency; that is until clogs or similar major plumbing problems occur. 

For commercial properties, how quickly grease, food products, or other types of materials accrue within sewer lines depends on how much you use them. Naturally, an office supply shop with only employee and customer restrooms will need sewer line cleaning far less often than a restaurant; however, that's no excuse to ignore proper plumbing care. Over time, even everyday items like soap and toilet paper can cause sewer line clogs.

With that said sewer lines should be cleaned every 2 years or so if dealing with minimal use. However, commercial business owners that get heavy use should at least get them done once a year as maintenance. Our experts can figure out an ideal cleaning plan frequency if you want to maintain your optimal sewer health. If you suspect your sewer line has a clog contact us at Cloud 9 Services and one of our sewer line cleaning professionals will come out and inspect the area to see what the issue is.

Hire a Professional Commercial Drain Cleaning Company Today!


At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are equipped to handle all your commercial drain cleaning needs. 

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends


Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

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