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How to Repair a Catch Basin

Catch basin repair is needed year round as many conditions affect these storm drains. All catch basins deteriorate over time. They can suffer damage from sinkholes, cause flooding, and become clogged. Catch basins are built into the asphalt in parking lots to redirect storm water. If owners keep up with catch basin cleaning, it can ensure the drain's longevity.

Why Do Catch Basins Fail?

Catch basins can fail due to various reasons. Most often it's due to being installed incorrectly. The displacement can happen when water freezes and thaws. For example, Water percolates between concrete castings or the asphalt and steel framing. As the water seeps in, it freezes which pops the catch basin out of place. Another issue is when the catch basin grate has worn and it can no longer take the load of cars driving over it, causing the grate to bend or break.

How Can Catch Basin Failure be Avoided?

Having the catch basin cleaned after a heavy storm or when debris piles up is the best way to prevent catch basin failure. Drain cleaning is vital to a successful catch basin. When water enters the basin, its joints between the frame and grate casting become weak. Water will eventually disintegrate the mortar, especially during the winter months. Having inspections regularly can help find any issues, which can be taken care of right away as opposed to being beyond repair.

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