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Storm Drain Cleaning - Tampa, FL

Cloud 9 Services, LLC was called out to do a storm drain cleaning in Tampa, FL for a business' parking lot. With the extent of the sand buildup and water backup present, it looks like this drain hadn't been serviced in at least 1-5 years. The first thing we did was utilize our JetVac truck in order to get out the accumulated sand and water out of the drain in order to even attempt at doing a video inspection to get a good look at what was happening inside the drain line and what kind of damage was present. However, the root intrusion that was present in the system was so extensive that it was impossible to fit a camera inside. It would also require heavy machinery in order to cut the roots out. At this point it was not a viable option to even offer trenchless repair methods as it would cost more than just straight up replacing the whole line, and there was no guarantee that the liner wouldn't wrinkle and cause more issues as the years go by. Thus unfortunately we weren't able to service this location past this point.

This is to service as a warning to all business owners to regularly clean out your storm drains in your parking lot on a consistent basis. Storm drains should be cleaned at least once a year, if not more depending on frequency of use. Our technicians can recommend a frequency plan for your business needs and perform the services needed to make sure this situation doesn't happen to you. If you need any storm drain cleaning services or repair services contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our storm drain cleaning technicians would be happy to assist you.

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