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QuickLock Pipe Repair - Tampa, FL

Cloud 9 Services, LLC and Seminole Septic, Inc. teamed up to complete this QuickLock repair job in Tampa, FL. Wind River Environmental recently acquired Cloud 9 Services, LLC and already previously owned Seminole Septic, Inc. as well. So this pairing was the perfect way to broadcast our recent acquisition and showcase our teamwork. Seminole Septic utilized MOT(Maintenance of Traffic) to close the street off so that our team at Cloud 9 Services could perform the work safely and without fear of cars getting in the way or endangering our field employees. The repair work performed on the damaged pipeline was QuickLock point pipe repair, which is a great way to repair damaged segments of pipeline in a short amount of time because it doesn't use any epoxy coating and therefore doesn't require cure time. It can also be installed with water flow present, making it a versatile repair method.

What is QuickLock Point Pipe Repair?

quicklock point pipe repair

QuickLock point pipe repair is a trenchless pipe repair method that utilizes a stainless steel structural body, covered by a seamless compression seal. Through the manhole the sleeve is inserted into the pipe and delivered to the damaged section. The sleeve is then mechanically pressed against the inner pipe wall. Using an inflatable packer, the sleeve is then expanded and permanently locked into position. The sleeves can last up to 50 years and each sleeve can be installed in 10-15 minutes per sleeve. This repair method is ideal for pipeline's that are only damaged in sections.

This was a great win between two branches and we look forward to more collaboration projects in the future with other branches under the Wind River Environmental blanket. If you need this service or any other services, contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our trenchless pipe repair technicians will be happy to assist you.

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