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Top 8 Decorative Catch Basin Grates

Catch basin grates are known as the plate with holes over a catch basin that lets storm water in. These grates come in a variety of metals, plastics and even different colors. Although we may walk or drive over them without a second thought, catch basin grates serve an important purpose and can even dress up a busy street. In no particular order, these are the top 8 decorative catch basin grates from around the nation.

This beautiful catch basin grate cover is designed to blend in with it's grassy surroundings. It has a delicate cut out of leaves that function to let runoff water into the basin. It is made from high-density polyethylene, a type of plastic, colored green.

The pattern on this grate is unbelievable. Its reminiscent of a beach walkway or summer vacation at a resort. This design is from the company Iron Age which produced this piece on cast iron. There is a baked on oil finish and a classic raw iron finish.

The Iron Age website is very elegant and so are their products. This grate is tastefully designed with an oil finish. The Argo grate is cast from ductile iron and comes in an aluminum or bronze finish. Even better, this grate is made from 80% recycled materials.

Drainage Kits decorative catch basin grate "oblio" is unique yet simple. Its design mimics rain droplets hitting a pool of water and creating many rings along its surface. This gorgeous grate comes in a raw finish or baked on oil finish, as pictured.

On the list for a second time, Iron Age crafts beautiful designs for their catch basin grates. The spirals resemble a Nautilus shell, made famous by the Gold Ratio. This grate cover would fit in beautifully with the shells and sand at a beach boardwalk.

This design is more on the simpler side. It has a beautiful green tone that can easily blend into the natural landscape of an area. It keeps its functionality while also being a nice decorative piece.

If you're searching for a flashy but sophisticated grate, this bronze drain grate is perfect. This drain grate is a classic look that can work pretty much anywhere. They shiny, polished finish adds an eye-catching flair to any area.

Iron Age Designs is back on the list with another unique design. This grate has a baked on oil finish which creates a vintage, rustic look. It can be perfect for a downtown walkway as it pairs well with brick roads and buildings.

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