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What is Potholing?

Potholing, also known as daylighting, is the process of safely exposing underground utility lines and pipes to directly locate any issues with the utilities. Using the hydro excavation method, workers are able to quickly and safely removes any debris to locate and expose the underground items. In return this method can help make excavation safer and more cost effective.

Can Potholing Damage Utilities?

Using pressurized water or air doesn't damage any existing utilities like heavy equipment might. The hydro excavation process is able to easily maneuver around the existing utilities providing a clear view. The vacuum truck's hose works in a wide variety of soils and conditions such as clay, rocky areas and even icy ground. It exposes the pipes and utilities by using pressurized air or water. Then, safely sucks up the debris utilizing a large attached hose.

When Would Potholing be Used?

Potholing can be used for any type of digging job. Since it is such a precise method, jobs can be completed quickly and effectively. The process offers a fast and safe way to obtain visuals of underground pipes or utilities. Any size digging job can benefit from the tidy and fast digging method especially for locating sensitive utilities underground.

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