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Vacuum Truck Services

We provide vacuum truck services in the Orlando, FL area for various needs.  Vacuum trucks are extremely helpful in our line of business and can make a hard job much easier.  If you don’t know much about vacuum trucks and what they have to offer, we’ve answered some common questions below for your convenience.

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Vacuum Truck - cloud 9 services

David B.

Orlando FL

What is a Vacuum Truck?

David, Great question

A vacuum truck is basically a very large truck with a heavy-duty tank and a powerful vacuum that works not only on solids, but also liquids and sludge-type consistencies.  Sometimes these trucks are called sewer trucks or “honey wagons” because they can be used to empty the “honey bucket”, or composting toilet.

What is a Vacuum Truck used for?

Vacuum trucks are mostly used for the transportation or removal of sanitary waste.  Towns, cities, and counties make use of vacuum truck services for the regular maintenance of latrines in parks, clean-up of streets, or cleaning out sewers or sewer lift stations.  They can also be used commercially to clean up oil spills or other materials.  Vacuum trucks are especially useful in cleaning up liquid waste from various areas.

After the materials are suctioned into the tank of the truck, they are then disposed of properly according to state law.  Sewage is usually transported to a wastewater plant for treatment.  When suctioning up dust or dry debris, filters are used to prevent air contamination.

Residentially, vacuum trucks can be used for cleaning grease traps or removing sand or mud at construction sites.  They can also be used to help construction workers locate lines underground, or can be used for other industries, including agricultural, manufacturing, marine, and power generation.

How Can I Access A Vacuum Truck?

At Cloud 9 Services Inc., we are proud to offer vacuum trucks for the use of clean-up projects around the Orlando, FL area.   We are happy to come and complete your waste removal project for you.  We serve municipalities and counties and have experience with many lift station cleaning, catch basin cleaning, drain system cleaning, and sanitary line cleaning projects. 

If you need a vacuum truck for any reason, call us at Cloud 9 Services Inc. today.


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