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Hydro Excavation is the process of removing soil from an area with pressurized water and a vacuum. In other words a non-destructive method that successfully remove soil or debris with an industrial strength vacuum truck. This works great to safely dig and locate underground utilities. Including piping systems, fiber optics, telephone lines and cables. These sensitive lines can easily be damaged with traditional digging methods. 

There are several uses for hydro excavation. Some of these include debris removal, digging in cold weather, digging in remote locations, and slot trenching.

  • Debris Removal - In nature, soil can stop a variety of structures from working properly. To successfully get rid of debris and dirt, hydro-excavation is used in a process known as debris removal. Using hydro excavation to get rid of unwanted debris is advantageous because it is relatively non-destructive.

  • Digging in areas of existing underground utilities – Oftentimes, hydro-excavation needs to be done in a tight area where water lines, cable lines, and other utility lines are present. Since hydro-excavation is non-destructive, it is often used when damage to these lines would be expensive and inconvenient for residents.

  • Slot Trenching This process involves digging in places where new cable lines and pipes will eventually go. One reason hydro excavation is used to do this as opposed to other traditional digging methods is because it can be done in cold weather and is extremely efficient, saving time and money.

Searching for hydro excavation companies or looking for more information on hydro vac excavation. Contact us today and we can consult with you if you are interested using hydro excavation to install a new utility line, sprinkler system, or other underground utility system.

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Potholing for utilities also known as daylighting is a method that includes a hydro excavation truck. The idea is to obtain visual confirmation of the utilities.

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Vacuum or excavation trucks are perfect when you're needing to remove not only solids but liquids or sludge type consistencies. 


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Hydro Excavation is the process of removing soil from an area with pressurized water and a vacuum. It is a non-destructive method that successfully removes soil or debris with an industrial strength vacuum truck.

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Hydro excavation is a process that uses a combination of pressurized water to soften soil and debris around pipe systems and an air vacuum to take out the soil and debris and put them in a vacuum truck. It is the most preferred method of digging because of its efficiency and accuracy. Traditional digging methods can be tedious, dangerous and costly.

Hydro Excavation Contractor

Cloud 9 Services, Inc. is happy to be your Orlando, FL hydro excavation contractor. We offer dependable hydro excavation services and use top-of-the-line equipment for all of our jobs. Also known as Soft Dig excavation.

What is Hydro Excavation?

What is Hydro excavation? Hydro excavation is a method that uses high-powered vacuuming and pressurized water to remove earth surrounding pipes, cables, or whatever you are trying to reach underground. The removed soil is returned to its place after the job is done, restoring the ground to its previous state.

Why use a Hydro Excavation Contractor?

Hiring a hydro excavation contractor is a much better alternative to traditional digging methods. By choosing hydro-excavation, you will save money and have your job completed more quickly. Choose hydro-excavation if you want a digging method that is:

  • Fast- Hydro excavation is much faster than traditional digging methods. The use of pressurized water and vacuuming combine to remove earth quickly and expose underground pipes long before digging would. If you have deadlines to meet or want your project finished quickly, hydro-excavation is the choice for you.

  • Safe- Exposing underground utilities can be a risky business; hydro-excavation takes the risk out of it. Since water is removing the dirt, there is no danger of accidentally hitting a pipe. This is safer for the workers, the pipes, and the civilians who use the utilities.

  • Low-Cost- Since hydro excavation is so much faster than other methods, it ends up saving you money because you are paying for less work and fewer days on the job than you would with conventional digging.

  • Effective- Hydro excavation can be used even where regular digging can’t—in frozen ground or difficult soil—because the water works to soften the dirt which can then be removed easily.

What are the benefits of using hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation brings dozens of benefits to the industrial excavation world. It's the most preferred method of digging because of its low cost, efficient and accurate results.

The primary benefit of hydro excavation is that it provides a damage and safety control when compared with mechanical digging methods. Since it is so accurate, it limits accidents and injuries for workers. How ever at the end of the day It does a better and safer job of digging. 

Using hydro excavation avoids damage to underground pipes, lines and cables. This will in turn eliminate all the high expenses needed for repairs and restoration. Having to stop to do fewer repairs means less time to get the job done. Interrupted utilities bring inconveniences and high costs. This process of excavation is able to minimize damages.

All these bring long run benefits as well. With the safety risks and repairs lessened, hydro excavation also reduces insurance and liability costs. As this process provides better results, a company’s reputation and profitability often increases.

In general, hydro excavation is a method that creates a better service for the customer and that makes life easier for the contractors, the customers and the laborers.

Searching for hydro excavation companies or more information about hydro excavation, please contact us at Cloud 9 Services, Inc., and one of our hydro-excavation contractors will be happy to assist you.

How does hydro excavation work?

Hydro excavation is a process that uses pressurized water to remove soil and debris around pipe systems. It is the most preferred method of digging because of its efficiency and accuracy. Traditional digging methods can be tedious, dangerous and costly.


Using hydro excavation has made digging a much safer, accurate and faster way to access underground utilities. 

Hydro excavation can be used for debris removal, digging in difficult areas, potholing, day lighting, and pipe and sewer rehabilitation.


One thing that stands out the most to clients who prefer hydro excavation is that it does not require digging which means, the surrounding soil is not disturbed. This eliminates the additional time and team required.

What is a hydrovac used for?

Hydrovac is used in the industrial and residential excavation world over traditional digging methods because its more efficient and accurate.  Hydrovac is used for underground utility location and installation, to get rid of debris and dirt and slot trenching among other things.


Hydrovac can also be used commercially to clean up spills and other materials.  While residential, it can be used to clean grease traps and other material from construction sites. Its fast, safe, low cost and effective. 

Hiring one of our hydrovac technicians is the better and safer option to traditional digging methods. Using  It will save you money and it will not interrupt normal activity from surrounding areas.

What are the costs of Hydro Excavation?

Contrary to what you may have been told, it's not about the hourly rate. It's actually about the cost of the specific amount of soil that was moved on your job. The cost should be calculated, or estimated, in dollars per cubic yard. If hydrovac Company A charges $300 per hour and removes two yards worth of soil in that hour, their actual cost is $150 per yard. If Company B only charges a "bargain" price of $200 per hour but only moves a yard of soil in that time, they seem drastically cheaper by the hour, but their actual cost is $200 per yard. Making Company A a better deal because they are more efficient with your money. We see this discrepancy constantly and it is the single biggest error that the customer makes when hiring a hydro excavation company; they overpay by tens of thousands of dollars sometimes because they don't measure the actual productivity of their contractor. You don't need to worry about that Cloud 9 Services will help you get the most out of your money, we are quick, efficient, and cost efficient! Contact us today, 407-481-2750, to schedule your hydro excavation service or to get a free quote! 

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