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Trenchless Pipe Lining | Minimally Invasive and Cost Effective Pipe Repair

Damaged pipes and plumbing can be a very costly unexpected expense. Cloud 9 Services, LLC offers a trenchless pipe relining service that allows our customers that their property above ground will not be affected. All of the trenchless pipe lining work is performed below ground by one of our certified plumbing specialists. Cloud 9 Services, LLC is the leader in the Orlando, Florida area providing its customers with cured in place pipe repair or, “CIPP”.

Cloud 9 Services, LLC begins the process of the trenchless pipe repair using laser profiling technology to video survey the system in real time, allowing our plumbing specialists to precisely locate and identify the exact problem area.

Next, a Cloud 9 plumbing specialist will use a high strength woven fiber blended with a special type of epoxy mix. The lining is then inserted into the existing damaged pipe, addressing the problem areas. The lining, once inserted and cured, will serve as a repair to the broken or leaky pipe. Once the new cured pipe lining is settled, it will be inspected one final time by our top of the line video surveyor crawler to ensure the repair meets our high standards and requirements.

Our CIPP pipe lining system can be installed in both vertical and horizontal pipes, and can even be installed inside asbestos covered pipes or architectural stone pipes. Our crews here at Cloud 9 Services, LLC have performed hundreds of trenchless sewer pipe relining projects, and are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need an Orlando CIPP in place repair don't wait, act now and call Cloud 9 Services, LLC at (407) 481-2750!

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