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Epoxy Pipe Lining Pros and Cons

epoxy pipe lining

Epoxy lining is a term for a variety of different plastic resins used on hot and cold water supply pipes such as HVAC piping, gas lines and sprinkler lines. Epoxy pipe lining is often viewed as an alternative to replacing and repairing old piping. The lining process involves coating the inside of the pipe with an epoxy resin that seals any damages such as cracks and corrosion. Once this step is completed, you are left with a lasting solution that solves your pipe problems and creates a stronger and new “pipe within a pipe”.

Looking at the full picture, epoxy pipe lining has many benefits however, just like any type of repair the challenges are there.


  • Zero Dig Technology: One of the main advantages to epoxy line piping is the no dig approach. Most of the work is done underground so land tearing is not necessary.

  • Coating Eliminates Cracks and Leaks

  • Repairs are completed quicker than traditional pipe repair method

  • New pipe lasts for up to 100 years

  • Eco friendly

  • High quality repair


  • Epoxy pipe lining is more of an investment up front than traditional pipe repair methods.

  • Requires special permits and codes

  • Can’t solve every potential problem property owners face

  • cannot solve every potential problem that some homeowners face

For more information on epoxy line piping services and benefits, give us a call at Cloud 9 Services, 407-481-2750.

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