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Getting Epoxy Pipe Lining Instead of Pipe Replacement

Epoxy pipe lining or cured-in-place pipe lining is the coating of the inside of old pipes with epoxy resin to seal hoes and corrosion. It is an alternative to replacing old pipes or complete systems that have been damaged. This method is a form of trenchless pipe repair which involves little to no digging or landscape damage. Workers can use epoxy to repair entire sections of pipe within a damaged line.

Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair v.s. Traditional Method

Traditional method of repair become expensive not only due to labor, excavation, and time spent restoring. It costs about 25-30% more than epoxy pipe lining. Of course, the cost of either job depends on the size of the job and amount of damage but typically the epoxy will cost less. With traditional excavation, displacing and restoring ground level fixtures can run up to $25,000 or more for a single job. If the job takes place under streets, sidewalks, or by large trees, the price for traditional digging will skyrocket due to possible uprooting and land damage.

While some epoxy pipe repair can be expensive too, cost for both are calculated by foot. This can obviously go up with the more extensive the damage is. As mentioned previously, pipes that run under digging obstructions can be repaired by epoxy relining for up to $10,000 less than the traditional method.

Which Method is Right for Me?

Traditional digging can be affordable if a small section of damaged pipes were close to the surface and can be easily dug up and repaired. However, on a larger scale, epoxy can be the best choice when it comes to saving money, land and the overall pipe system. Having a video pipe inspection can help you determine which method is right for the repair needed.

For more information on which method is right for you or if you want to schedule an epoxy lining treatment, call the professionals here at Cloud 9 Services, 407-481-2750. We are available 24/7 nights and weekends for all your epoxy lining treatment needs.

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