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Why Choose Soft Dig Vacuum Excavation?

Soft digging is a method of excavation utilizing tools or devices that make use of air or water pressure as the direct ways to break up soil or earth for removal with a vacuum truck. This type of excavation is a low effect and safe for employees, the land, and neighboring communities. It requires low noise and little equipment to get work performed in a non-destructive environment.

Why Choose Soft Digging?

When it concerns digging for a project, a soft dig is the more secure choice. The job usually utilizes a few makers such as a pressurized water tube for hydro excavation and a vacuum truck to suck up dirt and mud.

Since there is no heavy equipment and fewer workers on-site, there is an extremely low danger of injuries or damage that can happen. It's more secure for the surrounding land as no large devices need to drive through and destroy yards or gardens.

By utilizing water to dig, there is no damage to pipes or wires underground. With fewer employees and equipment, there is less disturbance to the community the job is in.

Vacuum Truck and Soft Digging

A vacuum truck is mainly used for the transportation or removal of dirt and mud. A vac truck supplies a safe method to find underground utility lines and keep the site clean.

When it comes to business areas, a vacuum truck can likewise be used to clean up various types of particles and waste. The vac truck is made up of many parts such as the tank, the vacuum, and water hose.

All of the waste, product, and particles are carefully suctioned into the tank of the truck. A licensed jet vac truck service technician securely runs the system. Then, appropriately deals with all material at a designated facility.

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