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Rainy Weather Creating Sink Hole Problems

Central Florida is no stranger to sinkholes, but the recent increase in rainfall has created a problem for the areas infrastructure. Darren Park of Ocala's Public Works Department says that the city has seen more than half a dozen in June alone. In 2016, the city filled about five sinkholes. The city and county will only repair sinkholes if it is on their property. If a sinkhole forms on private property, the owner is tasked with taking care of the repairs.

Sinkholes have been popping up in record numbers in Florida. Even, President Donald Trump's Mar-a-largo Club fell victim to a four-by-four-foot sinkhole outside of the entrance. Officials in Palm Beach identified a newly installed water main as the cause of the sinkhole in-front of the President's private resort.

Earlier in June a 77-year-old woman was forced out of her home in Liberty Park because of a massive sinkhole. The sinkhole was estimated to be about thirty feet deep. The recent days of heavy rain after a month long drought have made conditions perfect for sinkholes to pop up. In April, a ten-by-fifteen foot sinkhole formed on I-4 on World Drive.

The sub-structure of Central Florida is a geologically weak limestone which presents many problems. Overtime the limestone is weakened by the tropical climate, and is very soft with holes just like a sponge. Natural elements from rain and other ground water finds it way to the limestone, once this happens the sub-structure is jeopardized and becomes eroded. When the ground eventually shifts it will show signs of a needed foundation repair to the structure.​ A buried hole will appear and as the sinkhole grows it will become large enough that land caves in.


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