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Difference Between Water Main and Sewer Line

What is a water main?

A water main is a primary underground pipe in a municipal water distribution system. It is a major system that supplies water to smaller pipes on the way to homes and businesses. Water mains take clean water from a city's water treatment plant to communities that need it, and it is a critical piece of a community's utility infrastructure.

Trenchless techniques have been very successful in the rehabilitation of older water main pipes, such as cured in place pipe lining.

What is a sewer line?

If your business is connected to a sewer system, there is a sewer line that bridges the gap between your business' drain and the main sewer drain. This line is located under the ground of the yard and is considered part of of your plumbing system and your responsibility for maintenance and repairs.

Regular inspection from a professional can help prevent clogs and blocks and keep the main drain in working condition. If your sewer line is beyond regular maintenance techniques then trenchless techniques can be used to rehabilitate your pipe again, such as cured in place pipe lining.

Differences between a water main and sewer line?

There are not a significant number of differences between a water main and sewer line. However, the few differences that do exist between the two systems are rather significant.

Water Main :

  • Carries clean fresh water, examples would include sink drains, shower drains, and toilet lines.

  • Pressurized.

  • Clogs are usually caused by usual wear and tear; they can usually be cleared out yourself.

  • For extra stubborn clogs or collapse, a professional must always be called in order to fix the damage quickly.

Sewer Line :

  • Carries water waste.

  • Gravity fed (either a lift station or septic tank is involved).

  • Clogs can be caused by a collapsed pipe, tree root invasion, flushing of solid objects down the toilet drains, feminine products, etc.

  • Always need to be addressed by a professional.

Why you should care about the difference :

Knowing the difference between the water main and sewer line is important because while they are similar in some ways, they are two different things, are priced differently, and are fixed in different ways as well. The sewer line can be inspected with a CCTV sewer camera to identify the problem at hand but a water main might be too small to maneuver the camera around in. A sewer line would either require the use of hydro excavation to clear out the clog or if it's too damaged it would need a trenchless pipe repair. A water main, however, can oftentimes be fixed with some periodic snaking either by yourself or with the help of a professional, but if the water main is too damaged it would also need trenchless pipe repair done to it as well.

Always Hire a Professional :

Whether you are having problems with your water main or sewer line, it is always important to get the issue diagnosed by a professional. We here at Cloud 9 Services are here to help you with your water main or sewer line issues. If you need an inspection or a trenchless pipe repair done for your commercial property or business contact us today, 407-481-2750, and one of our commercial plumbing contractors would be happy to assist you.

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