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Top 7 Underground Utility Contractors in Tampa

A utility is something that is provided by a public utility company which includes things like electrical, water, sewage, gas, etc. Underground utilities are the pipes and cables that transport these things to and from buildings and houses within a community. Performing an underground utility repair can be a complex process that can require excavation or digging to reach the damage. Without the proper equipment or properly locating all underground utilities in the area, attempts to fix the problem can end up causing more issues. Hiring a professional underground utility contractor to perform your underground utility repairs is the safest and most cost effective solution. In this list we discuss the top underground utility contractors in Tampa.

1. Cloud 9 Services, LLC - Tampa, FL

At Cloud 9 Services, LLC, we're here for all your underground utility service needs. We are the leading underground utility service provider and pride ourselves on our customer service and quality of work. Our underground utility contractors are equipped to handle a wide range of services for any type of underground project you have. We offer a wide range of services some of which include, lift station maintenance, installation and repair, drain cleaning, pipe repair, pipe relining, jet vac cleaning, etc. Contact us, 407-481-2750, to request more information or schedule your service and one of our underground utility contractors will be happy to assist you.

2. Alto Construction - Tampa, FL

Alto is licensed in the State of Florida for underground utilities and excavation. We have multiple pipe crews skilled enough to install any commercial underground utility system. We are also experienced in all types of storm drainage systems, sewer water, underground fire mains, and lift stations. We work closely with local authorities and engineering firms to install the best materials available and to minimize future problems that might occur.

3. Vasi and Associates - Tampa, FL

Vasi and Associates specialize in directional boring. This method is preferred for its low traffic disruption, short completion times and environmental safety. We specialize in the installation of several different types of underground infrastructure such as telecommunications, power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, product pipelines, and environmental remediation casings. Whether you are a private organization or public works, we have lots of experience to handle all your underground utility service needs.

4. Evans Engineering & Design - Tampa, FL

Evans Engineering & Design is a fully licensed, full service, underground utility contracting company with all work being performed under the direct supervision of a licensed professional Civil Engineer. Due to our versatility, we can provide the right personnel and equipment to suit any of your company's needs. We offer a wide variety of services some of which include site clearing, earthwork, retention ponds, storm drains, lift stations, sanitary sewer, etc.

5. Sheppard Electrical Services - Tampa, FL

Here at Sheppard Electrical Services, we have been a licensed underground utility and excavation contractor that has been providing efficient work at a competitive price since 1972. Our team can properly meet your utility installation, repair, and removal needs by combining state-of-the-art technology with precision. Once the work starts, we will ensure that all pipes and conduits are installed and routed properly, with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. We have experience working with all types of materials, and have the expertise needed to ensure that your project will properly feed into the applicable sewers, storm drains, or water supply.

6. Cothron Development - Tampa, FL

Cothron Development can accomplish all your underground utilities installations through various means including open excavations, directional drilling, auger boring, jacking and boring, sliplining, trenchless technologies, and other methods depending on circumstances. We understand the importance of our job and take great pride in making sure that no details go overlooked during these critical phases of every project. We offer a wide variety of services some of which include sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water distribution lines, fire lines, etc.

7. Cypress Gulf - Tampa, FL

Cypress Gulf is a full service civil site development contractor offering all facets of site work, land clearing, earthwork, underground utilities, base, paving, curb and environmental development. We have experience in both small and large, industrial, commercial, multifamily and residential subdivision projects. Our underground utility services include domestic water lines, fire lines, sanitary sewer installation, storm sewer installation, underground vaults, and lift stations.

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