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What Does a Hydrovac Do?

A hydrovac, also known as a vacuum truck, is used for sucking up mud and debris that is blasted by a hose during construction. It can also be used for the transportation or removal of sanitary waste. A hydrovac truck also provides a safe way to locate underground utility lines.

What is a Hydrovac Truck?

A hydrovac truck is a large vehicle with a heavy-duty tank and a powerful vacuum that sucks up solids, water, and all in-between materials. These trucks are driven by professionals who specialize in controlling the parts of the vehicle. It is used to clean up on construction sites and lift stations.

Hydrovac and Hydroexcavation

Hydrovac trucks are used in a digging method called Hydro Excavation. This is the process of removing soil from an area with pressurized water and a vacuum. It is a non-destructive method that completely removes soil and debris with an industrial-strength vacuum truck and water hose. This works great to safely dig and locate underground utilities. Including piping systems, fiber optics, telephone lines, and cables.

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